ACHPER SA Honour Board

ACHPER SA values the significant efforts of our volunteers who have contributed to our organisation.

The following Life Members, Fellows and Presidents have given outstanding service to ACHPER over many years and those awarded more recently continue to hold office or support the organisation at national and branch level. We would not be the vibrant organisation we are today without their enthusiastic efforts.

Click here to view the citations for each individual ACHPER SA Life Member. Life Membership is the highest and most prestigious award available to ACHPER members nationally. Life Members are held in the highest of esteem for their work and contribution. They have served ACHPER in leadership positions (at State and National level) over time and have been instrumental in bringing about positive change in terms of ACHPER’s achievements.

Click here to view the citations for each individual ACHPER SA Fellow. The National award of ACHPER Fellow is a significant recognition of involvement of long term members in one or more of the areas of focus. Fellows have generally served their branch with energy and commitment for a minimum of five consecutive years. They have been influential, hard-working and supportive of colleagues in their workplace and within ACHPER’s committees, projects and/or events. They have made a difference, over time to ACHPER’s achievements and have been viewed by members as most helpful and supportive.

Life members
  • Albert Simpson 1970 (dec)
  • Elizabeth Barwell 1971 (dec)
  • Bert F G Apps 1972 (dec)
  • Howard Mutton 1981 (dec)
  • Barry Stanton 1988
  • Wayne Coonan 1981
  • John Halbert 1981
  • Robbert Paddick 1981 (dec)
  • Dr Graham Dodd 1981
  • Barry Stanton 1981
  • Dr John Daly 1981 (dec)
  • John Miller 1981
  • Charles Brooks 1982 (dec)
  • Bob Smith 1982
  • Dr Basil Hetzel 1982 (dec)
  • Elizabeth Barwell 1984 (dec)
  • Albert Simpson 1984 (dec)
  • Dr Gary Howat 1989
  • Rick Baldock 1992
  • Julie Taylor 1992
  • Norma Jenner 1992 (dec)
  • Jeff Emmel 1994
  • Andrew Miller 1994
  • Russell Brown 1994
  • Jill Grove 2004
  • Janet Harper 2004 (dec)
  • Carol Sharpe 2005
  • George Evreniadis 2005
  • Dr Shane Pill 2007
  • Craig Fosdike 2009
  • Toby Priest 2012
  • Craig Johncock 2019 (dec)
  • Mike George 2019
  • Carlee Mitchell 2021
  • Kylie Newbold 2021
  • Bert F G Apps (National) (dec)
  • Howard Mutton (National) (dec)
  • Wayne Coonan
  • Barry Stanton (National)
  • John Daly (dec)
  • John Millar
  • Dennis Home
  • Rob Chaplain
  • Andy Miller
  • Rod Martin
  • Iain Benson
  • Jenny McCormick
  • Gary Crilley (dec)
  • Russell Brown
  • Rick Baldock
  • Darren Adamson
  • Dr Shane Pill (State)
  • Dr Shane Pill (National)
  • Mike George
  • Craig Fosdike & Craig Johncock (joint)
  • Craig Fosdike & Carlee Mitchell (joint)
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